12 pieces

This recipe is one of the most traditional in the British Isles. There are many versions. The base is pancake dough. The filling can be sweet or salty (preferred by me). What is interesting is that it is prepared in a special way. I got great puddings from the first time.

Products for the dough:

6 eggs

250 ml of fresh milk

250 g of flour

a pinch of salt

black pepper to taste

Products you need for the filling:

100 g smoked salmon (deboned)

lemon juice to taste (to savor the salmon)

250 g cream cheese (I use “Philadelphia” with fresh herbs, you can add whatever you want in the plain cream cheese – blended garlic, grated horseradish, fresh spices, spicy peppers …)

dill for decoration

black pepper to taste

chives (stalks for decoration)


Mix the dough products with a mixer until you get an absolutely smooth mixture.

I use a muffin mold. In each mold, I pour sunflower oil around 0.5 cm from the bottom.

Place the mold in a highly heated oven at 230ᴼC. Once the oil is heated, I take the tray out of the oven on a heat resistant stand and pour the pancake mixture into each mold (be very careful with the hot fat). The mixture takes no more than ¾ of the mold.

Return the mold back to the oven and bake for 13 minutes at 230ᴼC. During baking, DO NOT OPEN the oven. I only watch the process through the glass.

The ready puddings are in an irregular shape, with a cracker in the middle, in which I put stuffing: a spoon of cream cheese; pieces of fish, savoured with lemon; a stalk of dill, chives…Sprinkle with black pepper.