12 pieces

The idea of these bread buns I saw in Didi`s Kitchen culinary channel.

There are always wonderful and easy recipes there. I further developed this recipe by adding the samarada – it was a very good shot! You can experiment with other dry spices, to add grated cheese in the dough, etc…


3 cups white flour, sifted;

1 1/2 cup Greek yoghurt;

3-4 teaspoons samardala (a small part of it I leave to sprinkle the buns, the rest – in the dough);

200 g hard cheese, mashed;

4 teaspoons oil;

1 teaspoon soda;

butter to taste (put a little pat in the middle of each loaf)


I add baking soda to the yoghurt and wait to activate.

In a large bowl, put the flour with a well in the middle where you pour the mixture with yoghurt and the other products (except the butter).

Knead sticky dough. With previously greased hands, I shape small balls. I arrange them in a tray on previously greased baking paper, at a distance from each other. With a thumb, make a well in the middle of each ball. Sprinkle with samardala and put a small pat of butter in it.

Bake in preheated oven at 180-200ᴼC until golden.