Here I use a recipe from the Facebook page From the kitchen of Persia.

Sometimes on the pieces of halva, I add some coarse salt. Although this combination does not seem quite acceptable, I assure you that it is extremely suitable and further develops the aroma of roses.


1 cup flour

6 tbsps sesame tahini

1 cup walnuts (whole walnuts before being grinded)

1/2 cup coconut sawdust

for the syrup:

1/3 cup water

1 cup sugar

2-3 tbsps rosewater


I boil the products for the syrup (until the sugar is dissolved and finally add the rosewater). I keep it warm. I’ll use it later.

Bake the flour on a dry pan while stirring continuously. Shortly before it is completely ready, I add tahini and stir for a while.

Meanwhile, in a blender I have ground the walnuts with coconut sawdust. I add this mixture to the flour. Stir well to let them release the aromas. It does not take long. The hob is at the lowest temperature.

Take off the hob and add the hot syrup with constant stirring (no pats left). The mixture is sticky and tightens fast. Optionally, 2 pinches of salt may be added. Halva is ready.

Cover a small rectangular cake mold with nylon foil (to stick out of the mold on all sides). Pour the halva (to cover the bottom well). I’m pressing so that there is no air. I cover it on top with the sticking foil. Chill out in a refrigerator, and then cut into pieces. It is good to be consumed cold (since it has a sticky structure).