This recipe was very popular in my childhood. I recently found it in Didi’s Kitchen food channel. I also have other versions for home-made chocolate, but this is a very good and easy one. Sometimes I experiment with adding different flavors, nuts – the result is excellent. Nutella is also very good for filling small tarts.


250 g powdered milk

vanilla to taste (abundantly)

3 tbsps cocoa, natural and unsweetened

125 g unsalted butter

100 g sugar (sometimes I use agave syrup; it does not affect the taste)

220 ml water


In a wide bowl, mix the dry ingredients (cocoa, milk, vanilla).

In boiling water (on the hob, on a low temperature), I add the butter and the sugar to melt. Pour this mixture into the first one (with the dry products). Mix in a blender (mixer). Consistency is very fluid – do not be bothered.

Filter the mixture through a strainer. Pour into small bowls and leave in the fridge to tighten.