for 2 hungry people

This salad is easy, a type of kyopolou*. The base of it is roasted eggplant with its characteristic smoky taste, which I love very much.


3 eggplants, medium-sized

4 tomatoes, medium-sized

1/2 garlic head, minced (or chopped)

dill (generously), finely chopped

salt to taste

soumak to taste

sunflower oil to taste

wine vinegar to taste

sesame seeds (for sprinkling, optional)


I make 2 shallow cuts with a knife for each eggplant so that it does not erupt during baking and I would need to clean the oven.

Wrap each eggplant individually in aluminium foil as a packet/candy. Thus my tray remains clean after baking.

In a tray, I arrange the eggplants and bake at 200ᴼC in a preheated oven. You will know they are ready when they are very soft (check carefully, gently push with a wooden spoon through the foil without unfolding).

Peel the skin of the baked eggplants and take their handles off.

I leave them for a short time in a colander because they contain a lot of water. I do not need it. They should be maximally drained.

Then, in a wide bowl, I squish them with my fingers. It is not difficult. They are extremely soft.

Add chopped tomatoes, dill and garlic.

Season with sunflower oil, vinegar, salt and soumak.

Sprinkle some sesame seeds over the salad.