10 pieces

I use a tray 33/25/6 cm

For my taste, this is the most delicious banitsa with ready-made filo. I have prepared it many times for international events and I always manage to impress foreigners. The recipe is from my mother. Sometimes I add raw chopped spinach to the filling – the taste is great! Sometimes I change butter with lard … the result is a gentle, melting salty temptation with a very rich egg flavor – fluffy bliss!


400 g filo sheets

6 eggs

500-550 g Greek yoghurt

1 teaspoon baking soda

3 pinches of flour, big

300 g hard cheese (Feta), mashed

125 g butter, melted


Whip the eggs, the flour and the yogurt. Add the baking soda and finally the cheese. Stir well. The filling is ready.

In a previously greased tray, place 2 filo sheets on top of each other, with generously sprinkled butter between them. Sprinkle the entire top filo sheet with filling. I cover it with a second pair of filo sheets with butter between them. Again put some filling on the top filo sheet, and so on. When I run out of filo sheets, I cut the banitsa on squares. Pour on top what is left from the filling to cover all the top layer of sheets. If some butter is left, I sprinkle it too.

Bake in preheated oven at 200ᴼC. 10 minutes after beginning of baking, reduce to 175ᴼC. Total baking time is about 40-50 minutes (depends on the oven and the baking tray).

Check with a wooden skewer whether it is ready. It is better to cook at a lower temperature to roast in the middle.

Usually, banitsa is eaten warm, but this one tastes better when cooled.