Dear friends,

I open this project with great love and curiosity. It was long time ago when I started collecting and writing old family recipes. I have been compiling them carefully as yet – and now I am the proud owner of a rich collection. This is part of my family memory (which is extremely important to me).

Hence, my loved ones, here I will tell you stories through recipes that have somehow touched my soul in time. It will not be a talk about food …   and about memories, family relationships, friendship, home-like coziness, and enchanting scents from my childhood… treasures that have earmarked my life path later.

I grew up in an absolutely woman’s realm, surrounded by outstanding ladies – chefs (mostly my grandmothers and great-grandmothers, my mother, my aunts …). Remarkable personalities, which are my guiding light to this day. I spent hours in the kitchen with my grandmother as she rolled out filo sheets for banitsa*. Everything had to be homemade, made with a lot of patience and a knack. The other grandmother I had was an exceptional, unsurpassed Master Chef of jam and marmalades … In the late summer, our yard was filled with a beautifully sweet scent of roasted plums and sweet scented geranium. I am lucky that for many years, those women who were so dear to me, were a real inspiration for my culinary discoveries.

Even though I live thousands of miles away, my origin is from the Balkans. For me, there is no more tempting, more aromatic and more real food than the Bulgarian. Bulgaria, as a border between Europe and the Orient, is blessed with the most beautiful gifts of nature (first-class fruits, vegetables and spices). The unique tastes of the Black Sea Basin, Turkey, Greece, the Mediterranean, and Eastern Europe blend in here in complete harmony….

As a counterpoint of the Balkans, I like the North with its mystic, snow, mist, with my favorite northern writers. I’ve traveled many times all over Scandinavia. I love Scandinavian design, simplicity, natural materials and functionality. In the context of the culinary, I cannot fail to mention that the Nordic people are unmatchable masters in bakery, especially the Christmas ones. Hence, do not be surprised that my suggestions abound with recipes from the northern countries.

Lately, I have been heavily tempted by vegan meals, and for that reason I have had to delve for new ideas. I have found that the Middle East cuisine is an inexhaustible source of vegan recipes. You are welcome to be my guest and try something.

I do not claim to be a professional chef, photographer or writer. I’m a political scientist of education, and a tireless traveler of soul.

Walking around the world, I gathered a huge collection of impressive cookbooks, including antique ones – a true culinary wealth, some of which I will try to share with you.

My recipes are rich in spices and fragrances because I love the spicy taste and everything that bears traits of a character. I cook always, everywhere. Thus I have rest, meditate, create the warmth  at home, create moments of togetherness, talking, dreaming … thus I make my family and friends happy, thus we stay together!

Sharing a meal with loved ones can be a really wonderful and meaningful experience. Follow me and I will treat you generously, with love!

      Yours, Kiflichka**

*Banitsa – a traditional Balkan salty pastry with filo sheets and cheese.

** Kiflichka is a famous Bulgarian name of small soft buns, made of fluffy dough with jam or cocoa filling. And it is delicious, believe me ☺