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4 servings Tarator* is the most preferred cold soup in Bulgaria – very fresh and cooling, especially in the summer. For foreigners, it is quite unusual – some people dislike it after the first spoon, others fall in love with… Continue Reading →

Meatball Soup

6 servings A hot soup with classic taste, bringing memory from my childhood. For a long time, I have not been making thickening to my meals (although in this case the thickening is quite suitable, if you want). Products: 500… Continue Reading →

Rich Seafood Soup

6 servings This is a kind of a classic recipe. The soup is very delicious and is very easy to prepare. It is a high-calorie soup, so my advice is to have smaller portions. Use the quality seafood of your… Continue Reading →

Thick Mushroom Soup

6 servings Here I suggest a vegan version, yet if you want, you can replace the vegetable oil and coconut cream with dairy products. Dill in abundance is highly recommended. You can use a mix of different mushrooms for an… Continue Reading →

Roasted Broccoli and Almonds Cream Soup

6 servings If you count calories, do not worry! This soup is made of low-calorie products. Wonderful both in its vegan version as well as with cheese. It’s easy and I would say healthy, if we do not overdo with… Continue Reading →

Veal, Celeriac and Potatoes Soup

8 servings I would say that this is the easiest and most delicious recipe for veal soup. Better choose nice, fresh meat to boil quickly. It is important not to miss the celeriac (I use the root and the dried… Continue Reading →

Parsnip, Apples and Asparagus Cream Soup

at least 6 huge servings Honestly, this combination of products was an experiment I made. The result is just fantastic! Dense taste with pleasant acidic notes and a lot of asparagus freshness. Easy and fast. Products: 1 kg parsnips 2… Continue Reading →

Tripe Soup

8 servings A cult soup for the peoples of the Balkans. Simple and rich in taste at the same time. It’s very spicy. I’m introducing an extremely easy way to cook it. No culinary skills are required, but only patience…. Continue Reading →

Roasted Cauliflower and Cheese Cream Soup

6-8 servings The soup is unusual, because I generously use spice, which is traditionally used for meat. I like the density as a result as well as the spicy taste. I prefer the vegan variant of the soup. For those… Continue Reading →

Fennel, Sweet Potato and Saffron Cream Soup

4 big servings The combination of saffron and fennel is divine! The recipe for this soup was born as an experiment. Now it’s one of the most favorite ones that I cook. It is not difficult, it does not take… Continue Reading →

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